Located in Michigan’s wild and scenic Upper Peninsula, the Hiawatha National Forest is known as “the Great Lakes National Forest.” The Forest’s dramatic shorelines lie nestled up to Lakes Superior, Huron and Michigan — three of the five great lakes — where our outstanding lakeshores, lighthouses, islands and snow create a playground and place of respite within a day’s drive from major urban and rural areas of Michigan, Wisconsin, other nearby states and international locations.
Divided into two major blocks of land (our East and West Units) and five districts, we’re home to Grand Island National Recreation Area, Whitefish 
Scenic Byway, six lighthouses, five Wildernesses, and Clear Lake Education Center. In addition to recreation opportunities, visitors will find a wide array of habitats, including northern hardwoods, jackpine & other conifers, and a variety of inland wetland habitats.
With so many opportunities in one place, it’s easy to see what makes us special! Explore our web pages for more natural history information and vacation ideas, and let us know if you need additional information!