The Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) encompasses more than 400,000 acres in southwestern and central Vermont, forming the largest contiguous public land area in the State. Characterized by striking scenery that combines rugged mountain peaks with quintessential Vermont villages, the Forest is an attraction for many visitors. The GMNF signifies a

multiple-use ethic through its role of providing ecological and science-based forestry stewardship, clean water, diverse vegetation, high-value, high-quality forest products, economical and educational contributions, and trail-based backcountry recreation.

Located within a day’s drive of more than 70 million people, the GMNF is a destination for visitors seeking a variety of recreation opportunities. The Forest includes three nationally designated trails: The Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Long National Recreation Trail, and the Robert Frost National Recreation Trail. The Forest also includes three alpine ski areas, seven Nordic ski areas, and approximately 900 miles of multiple-use trails for hiking, cross country skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding, and bicycling. In addition to recreation opportunities, the Forest includes a variety of species of plants and animals. Northern hardwoods, softwoods, rare and unique plants, fish, birds, and numerous animals of all sizes are part of the attraction for visitors.

The US
DA Forest Service manages the GMNF, aided by partners, other agencies, and individuals. There are two Ranger Districts: the Manchester in southwest Vermont and the Rochester-Middlebury in central Vermont. The Forest Headquarters is currently located in Rutland, Vermont.